Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DIY: Linen Wrapping 101

 Hey DIY'ers !

Many of you have messaged us with questions of how to linen wrap your old furniture. Instead of posting about one specific case, we decided to make a generalized How-To video so that we would cover all the basics! 

We decided to use an old shaker style buffet that needed  a makeover.  

Steps for Linen Wrapping Furniture 

1. Clean the piece completely
2. Paint it and let dry
3.  Cut your fabric to size
4. Apply water based polyurethane and lay on fabric
5. Iron on the fabric to seal

Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to all surfaces 

6. Apply layers of top coat of polyurethane as needed.
7. Add any decorative hardware (optional)

Step 1: Cleaning 

 In order to make sure all the paint adheres to the surface you really need to make sure there is no dirt or dust on your furniture before you begin painting. You can use any furniture cleaner and rags or paper towels. 

Step 2: Painting 

 We're using Amy Howard One Step Paint in Linen and Robin's Egg colors. You can buy the paint in any color you want from Our Website. We like this paint because there isn't much prep work involved. Just make sure you really stir the paint prior to using it so its not too runny.  We used two coats. The inside drawers are robins egg and the outside is in linen. 
Step 3: Cut your Fabric 

We're using a cool off-white textured linen for our piece. Just measure the surface of the areas you want to wrap. Roughly cut the fabric to size and put aside. Don't worry if there is any extra hanging off the sides, you can cut it later once its sealed to the piece. 

Step 4: Apply Polyurethane 

One surface at a time, we're going to brush on polyurethane and lay on the fabric. (Make sure you use a water based polyurethane) The first surface we're going to wrap is the top. We brushed on one layer of poly evenly to the top and laid on the corresponding piece of fabric we cut earlier. Once you lay on the fabric smooth it out so its flat to the surface.

Step 5: Seal Fabric 

 To permanently seal the fabric to the piece of furniture you need to use an iron. Make sure the iron is on the steam setting and go over the top of the linen a few times. This adheres the fabric to the surface.

Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to all other surfaces that you want to wrap. In our case, we repeated on the drawer fronts and the side panels.

Step 6: Apply More Polyurethane 

At this point add a couple more layers to the top of the fabric as needed. This adds a layer of protection to your fabric to prevent it from getting dirty and making it easier to clean.

Step 7: Add Decorative Hardware (Optional)

If you want to get a little creative at this point you can add some decorative hardware ( like cool handles) and/or nail heads (to make a cool trim around the edges) We used some cool leucite handles and some zinc buckets on the inside as accent pieces. We also topped it off with awesome  lamps. If you need some inspiration or some home accessories to add to your newly linen wrapped furniture, check out Our Website.

 Here's the finished piece!

 If you have any questions feel free to email us @ The Window Scene

Friday, July 18, 2014

Case #2: Bathroom Mirror Mishap

"Hi design detectives! My clumsy husband was hanging shelving on his side of the bathroom and somehow knocked the mirror right off the wall. I feel like this is a perfect time for something new! I hated the old one anyways. He's a man's man and wants something that shows it. Any Ideas?"



Hey Sandy, 

I think we all know that the Model A Ford is the epitome of manliness. I found an old radiator shell at a flea market that I knew was  good buy! 

With  little bit of retouching, we'll be able to replace the old broken mirror with a unique manly one that will have all his friends jealous.

First, we're going to scour old car part stores to try to find a "Ford" badge and a polished radiator cap to clean things up.Then we need to get  mirror cut to fit the radiator.

Now that we have our accent pieces, its time to paint the frame. We decided to use a Amy Howard High Performance Furniture Lacquer in Brisson Red . All that's left is to adhere the badge and radiator cap, as well as get the mirror fitted and we're done.

What do you think?

Case #1: Rescue. Recycle. Revamp

" Design Detectives, I need your help! I have this old, hand-me-down bureau that I can't find a use for. What do I do ?!?!?!"


You definitely came to the right place!

Below is the before picture. Yup, I can see why you needed to change things up !

This art deco styled chest has a lot of potential. We could just paint it, but why stop there? Let's revamp it with some fabric, nail heads, and hardware as well.
Let's start by lightly sanding the piece to prepare it for the paint. We'll use a custom blend of Amy Howard One-Step Paint to give the chest an espresso tone. The only requirements when using this paint is to clean the surface prior to using it. We used a primer prior to application. However, with one step paint, primer is not required. You can even use this on Formica, plastic, metal and lacquered wood- and yes-it’s that good! 

Then we are going to wrap the piece in a complimentary fabric. In order to wrap the piece we will follow the list below!
  1. Cut the fabric to your specified size. 
  2. Coat the area to be wrapped in a water-based polyurethane.
  3. Lay the fabric above the layer of polyurethane.
  4. Iron over the fabric to seal it to the chest *Warning:Use an old iron, it may get poly on it*
  5. Coat with one or more layers of the poly and let dry.
We'll finish up by bordering the top and sides with gold nail heads and attaching new amazing handles on the drawers. When attaching the nail heads we just need to be careful to align them correctly and hammer them in lightly to avoid denting.

Here is the Finished Product!

Now I'm sure you'll be able to find something to do this this revamped chest!

                                                                                                       -Design Detectives

Friday, December 3, 2010

Who are the Design Detectives?

We are a group of extremely creative designers, writers, sewing specialists, crafters, and stylists here to take the mystery out of decorating, crafting, creating, sewing, fashion, and more! Whether you’re looking to tackle a difficult craft or design project, need to transform your space, need help with decorating, or are trying to re-style your look– The Design Detectives will show you how to pull together in a stylish new way!

Of course, we also love solving specific problems and never shy away from a case. So, send along photos or questions and we will dig for clues and information to solve your design or project dilemma!

We’re the Design Detectives– and we’re here to solve your style, crafting and design mysteries!

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